Work & Residence Permits

Work and Residence permits are a primary things to look at if you intend to set up a business in Botswana thus we offer our Clients the best service in preparation to their establishment or setup. We will guide you through all the processes and including the market side of your entity to insure that you have a smooth operation in Botswana.

With our experience in the business community we have built a great clientele in a way that your intended services or products will obviously penetrate the markets in no time as we know who does what in the industry.

The Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs and Social security oversees the processing of work and residence permits within Regions. Processing of Work & Residence Permits takes upto about a month and each permit application costs BWP1500.00 and this charges may be changed. With Permanent Residence and Citizenship applications they may take from 6 months for permanent residence and about a year to 2 years for Citizenship. Please contact us for more information. We also offer advise on labour disputes in case there is misunderstanding at the work place.